The Dungeon BJJ is represented by Leo and Ricardo Vieira who are both multiple times World BJJ and ADCC world champions. The Dungeon is affiliated with CHECKMAT BJJ Team.  Aaron Naisbet has been connected with the Vieira’s since 2004 and regularly goes to Brazil to train under their instruction. He and his academy are endorsed by the Vieira brothers, and is a QUALIFIED INSTRUCTOR under them. The Dungeon BJJ Sunderland is the oldest BJJ academy in Sunderland and its instructors are the most qualified to teach BJJ to people.

The head instructor Black belt Aaron Naisbet has over 24 years teaching Martial arts, the last 12 years teaching and training students in Bjj, the academy is the most successful bjj academy in Sunderland, producing more bjj champions than any other in the area. Aaron and the dungeon were one of the first to pioneer and bring Brazilian jiu-jitsu to not only SUNDERLAND but THE NORTH EAST. The Dungeon also was the first academy to start to bring WORLD CLASS BJJ masters to the area most notable Ricardo 9 X World BJJ champion and Leo 3 x World BJJ champion 2 x ADCC World Champion. Another landmark the Academy made was in 2011 when Head Coach Aaron Naisbet became the first person in Sunderland to be awarded the coveted Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

The bottom line is if you want to learn BJJ you should go to The Dungeon.


Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

MMA it is a set of rules that you compete under, so there is no dedicated MMA coach/instructor because MMA is not a style. In order to compete in MMA you need to train in a variety of styles of martial arts that meet the rules of MMA competitions.

At The Dungeon BJJ-MMA academy you will be coached by qualified coaches in each discipline you need to compete under MMA rules.

Classes that you will need to focus on at the dungeon in order to compete in MMA are:

  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Okinawan Boxing
  • No- Gi

Once you are proficient in each area that we provide and when the coach thinks you are ready for MMA compotition you will be allowed to compete.