Aaron Naisbet – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, Head Instructor

Aaron Naisbet is the head instructor of The Dungeon BJJ and MMA Academy.

Aaron Naisbet was born on May 31st 1973 he began his martial arts training at age 12yrs old his first martial art was Shotokan Karate. After training in this art for three and a half years he was awarded his Black Belt 1st Degree. After training in this art until he left school, he joined The Royal Marine Commando’s and was awarded the coveted Green Beret and joined 40 Commando.

After a relatively short service with HMS Elite service, Aaron then returned to civilian life to pursue his love of the Martial Arts. When he returned, his old Karate club had folded so Aaron started trained in Thai Boxing and also cross trained with a few different style martial artists Kung fu, Tae Kwon Do, Freestyle Karate, and some Kick boxing.  After this Aaron began to dedicate himself to a new style of Karate Goju-Ryu. He was Awarded his 1st Degree Black Belt in this Art in 1995. After training in Goju-Ryu Aaron was asked by a friend to help teach a very promising, young Amateur Boxer some Martial Arts. In return the Father of the boxer, also a pro boxing coach, offered to take Aaron on the pads for a few rounds, after the pad session Aaron was asked by the dad to meet him the next night were he took him to a Amateur boxing club and asked one of the other coaches to give Aaron a few rounds on the pads. After the pads the coach asked him who he boxed for? To his surprise Aaron said, “Nobody, that’s only the second time I’ve did that” and that was the start of Aaron’s amateur Boxing.

He had a number of fights winning the majority by K.O and losing a couple by points, in his short boxing career he had 11 fights won 9 lost 2, won the North east NABA Heavyweight championships, runner up in The National NABA boxing Championships, and had the Fastest knockout in British amateur Boxing.

After boxing and training for many years in the striking arts Aaron then decided a change of direction was needed so he started training in Judo. After training in judo for only a relatively short time Aaron earned his brown belt. He enjoyed the Judo but it was always the Ne-waza ground fighting that he enjoyed the most and Judo was 90% Te-waza standing throws.

But this is when fate went Aaron’s way as when he was training Judo. He met a guy called Micah Atkinson who trained in an art called Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Aaron trained with Micah for around one year in 2000, before Micah had to go back to South Africa. Aaron then got in contact with a Black Belt in BJJ Roger Brooking who had recently moved to London. Aaron explained that there was NO REAL BJJ up in Sunderland or the northeast areas. So Aaron travelled once a month to London to get instruction from Roger and after training with Roger for 2 yrs Aaron was awarded his Blue belt in BJJ in 2003.

He trained with Roger for a further 3 years to  get his Purple belt in 2006 and subsequently Roger decided to retire from the world of BJJ due to injury.  Before Roger retired, he Introduced Aaron to a new master, Ricardo Vieira aka Rico. After Roger retired Aaron knew he must stay with the same lineage of both Roger and Ricardo as Aaron had met Rico in 2004 and went to Rio de Janerio to train with him.  Aaron had already travelled to Brazil nearly every year to train with Rico and  inviting him to Sunderland.

Rico awarded Aaron his Brown Belt in BJJ 2008, Aaron continued to travel and train with Rico. In 2011 Rico gave Aaron the huge Honour of awarding him his Black Belt after a seminar in Cheltenham, England in front of Leo Vieira. At that place, Aaron made history by becoming the FIRST BLACK BELT in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu from Sunderland and the first UK BLACK BELT from Checkmat, and cementing Aaron as a pioneer of BJJ in the North East. His dedication, desire , discipline and Loyalty had payed off after 12 years of hard training.

Aaron is now a representative for Rico and Leo Vieira and their association CHECKMAT. He still goes to Brazil to train with rico and brings with him his Academy Personal honours Black Belt 1st degree Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt 1st Degree Shotokan Karate Black Belt 1st Degree Goju-Ryu Karate Black Belt 2nd Degree and Founder of Okinawan Boxing Brown Belt Judo.


Paulista Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt No-GI Champion “Sau paulo”Brazil

Paulista Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Kimono Bronze

N.A.G.A Germany Black Belt No-GI Champion

N.A.G.A Germany Black Belt Kimono Champion

N.A.G.A United Kingdom Black Belt Kimono Champion

N.A.G.A United kingdom Black Belt Absolute Champion

British Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Open Black Belt Champion


Two times Copa de European BJJ white belt champion 91kg

Two times London Open BJJ blue belt Champion 91kg

Absolute London Open BJJ blue belt Champion

North East Open BJJ blue belt Champion 91kg

Cleveland Costal Open Bjj blue belt champion 91kg

North East Goshin-Ryu Open Grappling Championships Champion 90kg “Won this comp wearing a Gi all my competitors were no-gi grapplers”

North East open No-Gi Championships Champion 90kg North Carolina Open Bjj Championships Silver medal 94kg

N.E.G.C “Open grappling Championships No-gi” Silver Medal 90kg

North East N.A.B.A Amateur Heavyweight Boxing Champion National Runner up N.A.B.A boxing Championships

Fastest K.O in British Amateur Boxing Fight “Possibly World’s fastest” Royal Marine Commando “Converted Green Beret”

Coaching +Achievements

Mixed Martial Arts 1 x Kamikaze British Middleweight Title Semi-pro Anis Siraj Moniour

1 x Punch up British welterweight Champion NSAC Anas Siraj Moniour

1 x Made4TheCage British Welterweight Champion NSAC Anas siraj Moniour

2 x Made4TheCage British Lightweight Champion NSAC Davie Boomer

1 x Strike and Submit British Heavyweight Champion Semi-pro Paul Smiles

1 x Made4TheCage British Heavyweight Champion NSAC Paul Smiles

1 x Strike and Submit European Champion Semi-pro Danny Speck

1 x Strike and Submit British Heavyweight Champion Professional Phil De Fries 1 x U.W.C British Heavyweight Champion Professional Philip de Fries

K1 Kickboxing

Contender Promotions

Anas siraj monouir Super Middle weight Champion

Justin Burlinson Junior Super Middle Weight Champion

Michael Corbett Light Weight Champion Aaron Has also coached many students to various BJJ and Submission grappling titles, at their weight and Absolute divisions from competitions like The London Open, The British BJJ Championships, The European Gracie invitational, The Scottish cup, Manchester open, Urban Gorillas, to name a few, too many to put down individual awards but his Academy is the premier Academy for BJJ and the most successful one around.